I am an illustrator working in Melbourne, Australia. I make all kinds of work, and if you want to know all about it head over to my main website.

But you've come here to browse, so let's answer your unasked questions.

All prices are in $AUD, and I'm in the studio five days so I'll get your order ready to roll in no time. If it's going to be longer than a few days before I can get it in the post, I'll let you know.

Some items (prints, books, works on paper) have fixed postage rates, that are calculated at the time of purchase. Easy.

Other items, such as framed artwork or paintings on stretched canvas, can't have a fixed postage rate because shipping varies a lot, and because there are options of how to send them. (You can't just put an oil on linen in a pizza box and cross your fingers). So, for those (and other items that note it), I recommend you contact me first ( to sort out the details.

Confused by print terms? Some prints are limited edition (no more than a set amount will ever be sold – so you have a rare treasure), some are open edition (I will print on demand an unlimited amount). Both types are printed with archival materials & techniques, and both sets of work have been laboriously prepared to ensure they look as close to the original work as possible. 

Want something a little more custom and special? I do a lot of private commissions (house portraits, and drawings or paintings or pretty much whatever) — email me for more info.

Any further questions - be my pen pal: